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Cristiano Ronaldo CR 7 Scores Twice in Manchester United 4-1 win Over Newcastle

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It’s a real treat. It’s a sight to behold. While watching the Red Devils take on the pitch at Old Trafford, it’s impossible to put into words the level of enthusiasm. Fans’ enthusiasm for the game astonished even the match reporters, commentators and analysts. The day was unlike any other since the team’s eight-year league championship. Thanks to Cristiano Rondo (drumroll). A great performance from him.

Today we look at the Manchester United vs Newcastle outcome and what it means for them moving forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR 7 Scores Twice in Manchester United 4-1 win Over Newcastle

Cristiano Ronaldo is back to his best

“He’s slow,” “Never have a 36-yearold succeeded in Premier League”, “He’s not what Manchester United require.” These were just some examples of what prominent football pundits had to say before the match. One thing they didn’t realize was that Cristiano Rojo is the best player the world has ever witnessed. What number of players could do a brace in their first game with a new club? The league is considered to be the most competitive in the world.

He made it clear that he was a star for Cristiano Ronaldo, scoring twice each side of half-time to mark his second debut with the club. Even though his output from this game was similar to that of years ago, there was still a certain calmness and security about it. It was almost as though you could see his maturity over the years. The movement was precise and smoother.

Manchester United supporters will still hope this is the beginning of something they can treasure as one their greatest-ever players donnes their shirt.

Manchester United young stars shine brighter that the rest

Manchester United

Both Jadon and Mason Greenwood produced in this game, even though Newcastle’s defense did a fantastic job of shutting them down throughout. With the help of Wan Bissaka and Pogba, Greenwood was able to find space along the lines. The goal came as a result of his efforts.

Contrarily, Jadon Sancho had an extremely quiet game. He was unable to meet expectations. He may have come from a different league and not had a lot of experience. Because of Sancho’s abilities and the fact that it’s only a matter of time until he gets used to the league, Solksjaer wouldn’t be bothered.

Allan Saint-Maximin, different gravy

As a showman with little content, some could claim, Allan Saint-Maximin is lacking. Allan Saint-Maximin, on the other hand, was perhaps the best player on the field. Astonishingly, he was able to evade his opponents’ defenses and go past them. Clearly, he’s got “flair”. Newcastle’s past season lacked this. Both Almiron and he made up the Magpies’ offensive triumvirate. They were the conduits for everything.

Manchester United

Javier Manquillo’s cheeky brilliance, aged 24, was what allowed Newcastle to score their only goal. Harry Maguire’s terrible defense resulted in the goal. Maximin ran into acres of space when he got lost in his own thoughts.

Can Manchester United win the title?

It is hard to predict what the season will bring, but signs point to it. They must keep the same hunger and determination that they displayed in the game. The bigger oppositions are available if they do. United’s midfield strength is greater than ever with Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Bruno Fernandes partnering well. And the absence of a CDM doesn’t seem that obvious.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United has the perfect combination of youth, experience and talent. This will make them more resilient in the toughest games. Greenwood, Rashford and other experienced voices from the dressing room will inspire them and spark their enthusiasm on the pitch. Ronaldo is one the greatest strikers of the world and can easily produce 25 goals per season.

Manchester United will have the final say in whether they are able to produce consistent results. A little bit of brilliance from Pogba or Fernandes would go a long ways in instilling confidence.

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